How wireless printing can help your small business save big bucks!

Author: Alexandrea Lim  Date Posted:13 March 2019 

Wireless printers have only recently been regarded as a highly effective innovation within the business printing market. With office Wi-Fi playing an integral role in productivity, these wireless printers can now easily connect to your office network and are compatible with nearly all mobile device. Once connected, your team can send print jobs from anywhere within the network range.

So is wireless printing truly the next best step for small businesses? Here are the advantages of WiFi enabled printing device and what it can do for your small business.


1. Increased flexibility

In most small businesses, there lies a level of dynamism and agility that demands seamless processes and eliminating bottlenecks, and nothing is more detrimental to productivity than a printer issue. Connecting a wireless printer to your Wi-Fi network means that employees can print quickly, whenever they need to from wherever they are in the office. Everyone's productivity is increased because it removes the tedious process of navigating wire connections to various devices and who has access to the printer.


2. Reduced costs

Despite the global move towards paperless and more eco-friendly business processes, your employees will still require the occasional printing use. There is no need to provide a dedicated printer to each member of your team. Instead, a Wi-Fi enabled communal printer will allow all employees to print their documents quickly and seamlessly at the touch of a button. This means your business can save from having to purchase multiple printers, which will in turn reduce the cost of electricity and maintenance.

You can help your office save more by simply buying, powering, and maintaining a single communal printer with Wi-Fi capabilities.


3. Less Wiring

It may seem like a minor issue, but an office overflowing with wires is annoying and a safety hazard, not to mention an office covered by a mess of wires can reflect negatively on your business. Employees would rather be productive than waste half their work day trying to untagle wires. Bad wire-management can also hinder good workflow practices like hot-desking. You will be able to remove a great deal of wires when you replace multiple plug-in printers with a communal WiFi enabled printer.


4. Modern technology integration

Many businesses now operate on mobile devices which means a higher demand for printing devices to work wirelessly. With a Wi-Fi enabled printer, employess can simply send a print job over the Wi-Fi network from their mobile or tablet instantly. Most wireless printers also support Apple Airprint and Google Cloud Print. This means you can print on-the-go, allowing your employees to focus on fitting in more client meetings while the printing happens behind-the-scenes.


So, could wireless printing be the next big step for your small business? Contact Brisbane Business Equipment now at 07 3255 9500 for a free consultation and find out how you can help your business save money with wireless printing!

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