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Count on Kyocera Colour Laser Printers and Photocopiers from Brisbane Business Equipment

When it comes to buying a new colour printer or photocopier for your office, reliability is arguably the most important thing. When everyone in the office is sending multiple print jobs to the same printer every single day, the usage adds up. If you don’t have a printer that can take the strain, you could end up with significant productivity losses—just because your employees cannot print. At Brisbane Business Equipment, we can help you achieve a higher level of productivity and reliability with our Kyocera printers in Brisbane.

TASKalfa 356ci -- Kyocera Colour Multifunction Device

TASKalfa 356ci -- Kyocera Colour Multifunction Device

From $79.95 rental per month

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Reliable Printers for a Busy Office Environment

Brisbane Business Equipment is a recognised dealer for two major printer brands: Fuji Xerox and Kyocera. After more than 32 years in the printing product industry, we have zeroed in on these two brands because they are reliable, cost effective, and deliver consistently high levels of performance. If you are looking for new printing products for your office, you cannot go wrong with Fuji Xerox printers or Kyocera photocopiers from Brisbane Business Equipment.

In addition to selling reliable printers from the get-go, Brisbane Business Equipment also strives for reliability by providing ongoing service and maintenance for the products we sell. We know that printer and photocopier maintenance is rarely the first thing on the priorities list for most offices. In fact, many businesses assume that maintenance isn’t even necessary.

Why You Need Maintenance for Your Kyocera Printers or Photocopiers in Brisbane

However, the fact is that with the sheer amount of printing that your team probably does every day, no printer can go forever without maintenance. Did you know that printing costs are the third biggest expense for most business offices—after rent and payroll? Or that the average office employee prints 10,000 pages at work per year? These statistics will vary from one office to the next, not to mention industry by industry fluctuations, but if you have a community printer at your office, there is no doubt that it is going to see a lot of use.

One of our favourite things to say at Brisbane Business Equipment is that ‘buying a photocopier or printer but having no one to maintain it is like buying a car but having no petrol stations.’ If you are going to invest in Kyocera laser printers for your Brisbane office, you need someone to make sure that it keeps running. Printers and photocopiers are not built to be invulnerable. On the contrary, over time, their ink and toner levels will run low, their parts will wear out and become misaligned, and they will see a sharp decline in print quality.

It is essential to have someone who can help maintain your printer or photocopier, trade out broken parts or provide the necessary refill ink and toner cartridges. Just like regular maintenance keeps your car running—and saves you from bigger repair or maintenance costs down the line—routine maintenance can also keep your printers and photocopiers running like a dream.

Perhaps you are looking for brand-new Kyocera colour printers in Brisbane, or maybe you need to fix an existing printer and are on the hunt for someone who can help. Either way, look no further than Brisbane Business Equipment. Give us a call on 07 3255 9500 to learn more.