5 things you should consider when choosing a printer

Author: Alexandrea Lim  Date Posted:6 March 2019 

It is about time to replace that old printer or photocopier that has been humming a bit too loudly in the printing room. It just takes too long to complete the large queue of jobs your team has been sending it before finally being able to complete your 50-page report that was due on the boss's desk 15 minutes ago.

You have had enough of waiting so long for your print job to be done and the noise coming from the printing room prevents you from being productive. You jump onto Google to look for a replacement printer, but there are just too many options to choose from! How do you decide which printer is best?

Here are 5 things you should consider when choosing a printer:

1.What kind of printing does your business require?

When deciding which printer would best fit your business, it is natural to choose the one that cost the least. However, a cheaper machine does not always guarantee a low maintenance cost. Many businesses end up spending more than they should on consumables. Instead of searching for the cheapest machine, consider looking for machines that provide a low running cost or low copy cost. Does your team require colour printing? Do you mostly print in A4 or A3?

2.Will you only be using the machine to print?

Most photocopiers and printers are now equipped with multifunctional capabilities. You are able to print, copy, scan and fax all using the same printer. Top brands like Kyocera also equip their machines with large hard drive space to store and process different jobs at a faster speed, ensuring that the photocopier is able to match the productivity of any team.

3.Will you require Wi-Fi connectivity?

We live in a largely mobile world. Most if not all of our devices operate on a wireless connection, including our printers. Your team may benefit from using a printer that enables them to send printing jobs over Wi-Fi, especially if your team's productivity is largely dependent on the flexibility of working wirelessly. Selected machines, such as the TASKalfa 2552ci and ECOSYS M8130cidn from Kyocera also feature mobile printing access, further enabling your team's high level of productivity.

4.How much printing will this machine do in a month?

Smaller machines, though seemingly cheaper, might not be able to handle large job numbers in a day. Likewise, it would not be economical to buy a large machine that only does a few prints a month. To approximate how much printing your new printer will perform, consider your current printing volumes. Is this number limited due to the machine's print speed or finishing capabilities? Will you need a faster printer? Not only will this information help your dealer better understand your needs, but you might also be able to consider renting instead of purchasing a new printer.

5.Finally, will renting a new printer help your business save money?

Many companies choose to purchase a new printer with a low initial investment, but the cost of consumables can accumulate astronomically over time. A rented photocopier, however, is 100% tax deductable, while a purchased photocopier counts as an asset that depreciates over 5 years. Dealers like Brisbane Business Equipment also include the cost of servicing and maintenance into their monthly charge. Renting a photocopier also allows your business to only be charged based on a copy cost, providing you with a low running cost from your new photocopier.

Searching for a new printer can be an overwhelming process, but we hope these tips help you choose the right printer for your team. If you'd like more help in understanding your printing needs, give us a call at 07 3255 9500 for a free consultation and quote today!

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Best Digital Photocopy machine

By: on 30 January 2020
Recently digital photocopiers have become more than just printers. They are referred to as all in one devices or multifunction printers. They can print, scan and copy documents, they have advanced networking capabilities, they are compatible with mobile and other devices and photocopiers can even track wasteful usage. This particular feature prevents waste and reduces carbon footprint. Digital Photocopiers have always been an essential part of every business.


By: on 8 August 2019
Hi Alexandrea, Great tips! Yes, it is crucial while choosing the printer to consider the running cost of the printer to stay within budget. But when it comes to printing, the resolution is also super important. Resolution is simply the level of detail in a print. You need a different resolution depending on what you are printing. No one wants the print or image that looks fuzzy. Higher the resolution (measured in dot per inch) better the print quality. Thanks for the good read, Alexandrea.

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